The Team behind DeltaTrix

Richard Tegelbeckers, Managing Director at Tegelbeckers Ltd.

Richard Tegelbeckers

Richard is a highly qualified, mechanical design engineer with many practical skills and over fifteen years of experience in machine design. He owns a workshop in Newport (South Wales, UK), where he likes to turn some of his designs into reality.

Veronika Tegelbeckers Pochkhua, Marketing Director at Tegelbeckers Ltd.

Veronika Tegelbeckers Pochkhua

Veronika is a marketing, management accounting, and IT professional. She is currenlty on a Sage accounting course in order to prepare for taking care of the company's day-to-day business accounts and stock control.

Richard Jones, Accountant and Director of Gower Business Services Ltd.

Richard Jones

Richard Jones is a highly qualified accountant with more than twenty five years of experience in finance management and financial accounting. He does not only act as the business accountant for Tegelbeckers Ltd, he is also a personal friend of Richard Tegelbeckers. His advice and many tips will make all the difference.

Tony Ducroq, Business Advisor at the Centre for Business.

Tony Ducroq

Being an entrepreneur himself, running his own Antiques business, Tony is in the ideal position to provide business support and advice to starting businesses. His help and the help from his other colleagues at the Centre for Business have been absolutely superb.

Barrie Morgan, Camera man/Film Director/Editor/Great Friend

Barrie Morgan

Barrie is the man behind the 'DeltaTrix prototype goes Newport' video. He did put a lot of effort in producing the video and it shows in the end result!

Daniel Jacques, Web Designer/Developer

Daniel Jacques

Daniel designed the website from scratch, differentiating itself from the usual template based examples. He was only given a few days to do it, which makes his efforts even more impressive. It is our plan to start a web store ( and a support site (, for which Dan's help will be crucial.

Nick Tegelbeckers, Quality Engineer

Nick Tegelbeckers

Two-year old Nick likes to help his dad with quality control. If Nick cannot break something within a certain time frame, it must be good!