The Machine itself

Our DeltaTrix 3D Printer is a capable Additive Manufacturing tool, designed to be simple in construction, yet effective in functionality. It's design is Open Source and the machine is fully hackable.

Prototype DeltaTrix 3D Printer

As the name DeltaTrix suggests and the picture shows, our printer uses Delta Robot geometry. The machine also has plenty of tricks on offer, such as linear bearings from a highly reputable manufacturer, off the shelf RAMPS electronics, high printing speed, low component count, sturdy frame construction, quick change print head.

We are still adding to the capability of our fist printer design. We are working on several improvements and additions, such as automatic levelling using opto electonics in conjunction with a mirror bed, dual extruders for printing two different colours/materials, WIFI connectivity.

The end user is encouraged to make improvements and modifications such as the fitting of door panels, the use of different electronics, the use of different extruders/ hot ends, etc.